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NOTE: if you find no list for your class year, it has not been submitted. Lejean Darlean Haberman Joel Thomas Haley II Marion Marshall Hester, Jr Wade Hester Imogene Howard Edwin Ralph Ivey Robert Lee Johnson Marigrene Winifred Johnson Paul D Lipsey, Jr.In rare instances, an Indian will appear in two classes. June Ragsdale Dunbar Robertson Jimmy Robinson Walter Rushton Agnes Smith Wallace "Poet" Smith Frederick Spies Dorothy Tanner Cornelia Trippe Richard Walker John Watkins Thomas Weathers Marie West Mildred Winslette Emerson Worley Fred Wortman Harry Avant, Jr. Anne Marie Malone Marie "Tut" Lorris O'Conner Betty Jane Oliver Artis Alls Walter P. scripted drama series The Royals, money and power are in endless supply, when it comes to being the royal family of England. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was skeptical that it was about the British royal family. A lot of people would be down for that, whatever the cost. You get to sit in the subway, and nobody has a clue who you are or what you’re doing, or cares. Could you ever have imagined you’d have Elizabeth Hurley playing your mother? She’s someone I’ve grown up watching and seen all of my life, and now she’s playing my mom.But after losing her eldest son, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is left trying to figure out what to do with her other son, Prince Liam (William Moseley), who she feels is spending too much time with the American Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), that just so happens to be the daughter of their head of security, and her out-of-control daughter, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), whose only goal seems to be to drive her mother crazy, as publicly as possible. And then, you add Joan Collins into the mix, on top of that. You think you’ve got one diva on the set, but you’ve got the biggest diva of all time, with Joan Collins. I privately said to my girlfriend, “You have to be modern, you have to be present, you have to be out there,” and E! Did you have conversations ahead of time, to get an idea of where things would be headed with the story and with your character’s journey, in particular, or has there been a lot of discovery, episode to episode? We follow the story of Hamlet, so I had a rough idea of where the first season was going. a chance as a scripted channel, that’s something we have yet to see. As an actor, nowadays, that’s something that you need.

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The material world will always attract a lot of women. But there are a lot of temptations, along the way, for him. You’ve said that you wouldn’t want to be in this situation yourself, but what are the best parts about living vicariously through this character and as a part of this family? We get to go to the most beautiful places in England. We get amazing sports cars to drive and a crazy private jet. You get to have a great time, and then you get to go home and back to your own life. I’ve known Elizabeth now for just over a year, and I’m still like, “Oh, my god, that’s Elizabeth Hurley! There’s something about her where she’s just magnetizing.There are 3 reasons: 1) they stayed for another year to play football; 2) they started in one class, but graduated with another and consider BOTH their class; or a mistake has been made! Effie Cleo Barrett Dodson Ray Willon Bass Jean Bennett John Edward "Jack" Bierman Willis Hubert Bowen, Jr Mildred Antoinette Deanie Bradley William Roy Bragg Jr Dorothy Elizabeth Branch Vida Mildred Brown Homer Thomas Bullard Jr Roger "Tex" Burson James Wesley Bush Jr Richard H. Cannon Lucy Sue Clark James Robert "Bobo" Clifton Eugene "Gene" Crawford Ray Y. Autry Wanda Badders Larry Barwick Thomas "Tommy" Belcher, Jr. "Bubba" Bowles Diana Burke Charlotte "Charlee" Boyette Janie Cannon Connie Curtis Billy Daniel Eleanor Davis Marcia Deardorff Emily Denby Gail Dennis Margaret Dixon William "Bill" Dowling Buford Alan Driver Jeffrey Karl Edmondson Ed Fink Carol Fletcher W. "Bingo" Fox Jan Giddens Richard "Dick" Gilberg Robert Gowan Connie Gray James Hall Benjamin Lee Hardee Robert L. William "Bill" Helms John Hogg Luke Hudgins Ronald Jacobs Donald Johnson Ashley Allen, (class unknown) Carol Delaine Barfield; December 30, 1942 Janice Yvonne Barfield; March 11, 1940 Rebecca Gwinnette Bass; May 2, 1928 Mary Frances Joiner Boggs; April 16, 1920 Whitney Blake (class unknown) Roy Ryan Brookard; November 2, 1949 Sara Frances Cannon; October 24, 1944 Linda Joyce Fowler; December 20, 1943 Christine Futch; August 6, 1926 Henry Lamar Hatcher: (no birth date) Barbara Arlene Lee; April 28, 1959 Elizabeth Mc Kenney: (class unknown) Walter "Bo" Overby; November 26, 1921 Peggy Price; December 9, 1920 Dorothy Ramsey (no birth date) (class unknown) Christine Riley; March 7, 1924 Jim Joseph (Joe) Saba, Jr.; October 13, 1927 Rhonda Shea; (class unknown) was 58 at the time of her death on 1/8/2015. "Jack" Fisher Zenobia Mae Fleming Joseph Chamblin Flock Jean Elizabeth Galt Giddens James Thomas Gogarty Mary Grace Green Riley Charles Colcock Gregorie Jr. We really couldn’t have hit it at a better time, or in a more accepting time. I’m sure some people will absolutely hate it, but I think it’s cool. That seems to be in people’s minds, and they like that.

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