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Season 5, episode 17 If the above was a Ross classic, then The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss is a showcase for Jennifer Aniston’s comic talents. Armed with just a jug of margaritas and a pair of oven mitts, and with no tan, whitened teeth or holiday armadillo costume to help the laughs along, Schwimmer shines. It would always be there as part of the TV scenery. We learned a valuable lesson that day: don't take sitcom for granted. The pairing of Rachel and Joey may have gone against the grain of Friends but at least it gave us this little slice of joy.

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Julia Roberts and Jean-Claude Van Damme join Brooke Shields and Chris Isaak as guest stars in a tale of romantic revenge, an unhinged stalker, and a monkey mystery. In the interests of cherishing the show that coined a hundred phrases and made Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Phoebe fixtures in our lives, here are twenty-five of its top episodes... ” to Jim Rash’s passenger panicking about “the left phalange” on Rachel’s Paris-bound plane. After yet another airport chase (how many is that now? Season 10, episode 2 This one’s included for one reason only: David Schwimmer. There are plenty here, from Chandler’s awkward small-talk with an in-labour Erica (Anna Faris, in one of the show’s best recurring guest spots), to Joey’s “I could get a goose! ) It reunites the show’s main couple in a classic rom-com moment that makes clever use of Ross’ “and get stamps” answerphone, and bids a fond farewell to Monica’s apartment, the site of a decade of silliness and romance.Season 6, episodes 24 & 25 “I want the Mister Beaumont!” If you don’t at least well up when Chandler, sick at the thought that his tomfoolery has lost him the love of his life, walks into his apartment to see Monica there, with far too many candles than can possibly be appropriate for health and safety, waiting to propose to him, then you may need to see a doctor about being severely dehydrated.

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