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But in 1999, Cronenberg focused his energies on cyberpunk, a genre that saw a weird mini-explosion that year, and gave us e Xisten Z - a hypersexual vision of the future of entertainment.e Xisten Z is a thematic bosom buddy to Videodrome, in which video games have supplanted video tape as the dominant form of entertainment.In the near future, the gaming industry’s marketing seminars may be charmingly low-rent compared to the blockbuster bonanzas of today, but everyone loves games, from scrawny kids to gruff old pensioners.Specifically, they love the games designed by Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the world’s greatest game designer, creator of not just games but whole hyperreal virtual reality game systems that plug directly into players’ spinal columns.It’s noted, when visiting a hidden ski-lodge base, that nobody physically skis anymore, just plays games - it’s a sign of the times, as is the appearance of mutated amphibians, generated by the biological technology used to build bio-pods.Eventually the characters emerge into the "real" real world, but the anti-game sentiment remains the same.

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Like its contemporaries The Matrix and The Thirteenth Floor, its alternate-reality plotline leaves it open to all manner of inane deathdream or hallucination theories, but there are far more interesting elements to the film than that kind of bullshit. There’s so much sex in e Xisten Z - no actual sex scenes to speak of, but hot damn, is sex everywhere in this film. Certain larger bio-port plugs require lube in order to use them.One time, he won a boxing match only to immediately cry into Keanu Reeves’ arms. Today, android mobile phone users will be able to find a number of android antivirus apps but they need to choose the best one to use.There’s so much licking and penetrating and lube and wetness and fingering and squelching and tonguing and just...fleshiness. Allegra Geller’s virtual reality “bio-pods” are pink, organic creations that are uniquely Cronenbergian. Ports, it is inferred, can even get hungry for “action,” Allegra explains, as she fingers security guard Ted Pikul (Jude Law)’s virgin port.They plug into a “bio-port” at the base of the spine using an umbilical cord (that looks like..umbilical cord); a variety of fleshy nubs on the bio-pod must be twisted and flicked in order to make it quiver and coo. It is that virgin port where the really interesting metaphorical stuff comes up.

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