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Call today for a free estimate or inspection at 484-974-2205 or email [email protected] electrical problems leaving you sitting around scratching your head?Make sure the wire wraps clockwise around the terminal screw so the wire is pulled tighter as the screw is tightened.

Since 2011, Marsala Electric has been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award.If there are only two insulated wires entering the box this receptacle is at the end of the circuit. Turn the power back off and test the wires with the circuit tester to make sure the power is off.Using needlenose pliers bend the end of the wires into a hook shape, if they are not that shape already.One GFCI outlet at the beginning of a circuit protects all the remaining outlets on that circuit. If the circuit breakers aren't labeled, you can locate the proper switch by plugging a radio into the outlet you plan to change. Then place a piece of tape over the switch to make sure no one accidentally turns it back on while you're working on the outlet.If there are two pairs of wires entering the receptacle's box, separate the wires from the box into two pairs of one white wire and one black wire.

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