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I hurriedly consulted Lynda who was leading the walk. With that Lynda gave the group a briefing and without further ceremony we moved off - there was absolutely no point in posing for the ritual photograph.

I did take it - later because the weather did improve substantially allowing Lynda to lead us on her intended route which took us to the Nab, the steep hill that overlooks Whalley, and then return by way of the memorial Park, Great Harwood.

In part this is due to the musicality of the phrase.

In part it is because of Peter Whelan's play of the same title.

I do not regard it as a pretty sight and not just because the end of our drive is frequently obstructed with a waiting vehicle. The child reaches school age and the question arises how best to take them to school?

The most convenient solution appears to drive the child no matter how old he/shes and deposit them as close to the school gates as possible.

13th December Wednesday: “You’re not getting onto this bus with those muddy boots,” the driver of Service 172 Bakewell to Matlock informed us as we waited in Bakewell Centre one soft afternoon near the end of last month. He addressed his remarks to John, Ken and me having walked from our accommodation in Winster to Bakewell taking in the Lathkil Hotel for our lunch stop.

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Add to the deficit column of the balance sheet wider societal losses – increase traffic pollution, increase traffic congestion not to mention stress levels on drivers (often passed onto the children) – and the conclusion must be that the School Run is a bad thing.This is where we had the group photo - an altogether sombre place - especially in this month and this week.Great Harwood was one of the feeder towns for the 11th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment - the so called "Accrington Pals".Walking and cycling should be promoted within families as enjoyable activities.For John, Ken and myself what we saw in Derbyshire were kids enjoying their ride home on a bus and we enjoyed it with them.

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