Thundercats 2011 curse of ratilla online dating

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He's actually wanting to re-power up his ship and escape Third Earth!Planning to swoop in at the last minute and steal them.In the original series, Tygra did refer to Bengali as "Brother", in the "you're one of us now" sense rather than the "we're related" sense...but now there's a chance that the two were Separated at Birth, or that Bengali is some other Long-Lost Relative.Enter Tygra, the young son of a pair of Thundercat nobles who is tragically orphaned, possibly due to an attack by the Lizards.Claudus, having both the young orphan's interests and the interests of Thundera (and her need for a strong leader) at heart, takes the cub in and makes him his ward, raising him like his own son, which includes training him up as a potential ruler.Tygra, not being a lion, might not be able to legally inherit the throne, but that way, had the worst come to pass and Claudus died without an heir, at least Thundera and her people wouldn't have been left leaderless while the question of succession was decided.

He may be kept alive by some sort of nanotechnology, which may well be the source of ALL magic on Third Earth.

Mumm-Ra lured Grune to his side by promising him power - he might do the same for Tygra.

Much of his bravado is a front he puts up in order to overcome his station.

Despite his Fantastic Racism towards the Beast-Men, he sees the Thunderkittens as a reminder of who he once was and will become a Cool Big Bro to them in a way he wasn't to Lion-O, sparking some jealousy.

Tygra and his biological parents sail on the ocean, but a storm comes and all hands are lost during the shipwreck.

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