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Sydney worked with Chloe’s design business for 12 years and is now an entrepreneur.

Sydney has started a storefront business called Launch, which rotates garments by local designers.

Yet, in the finale, he impressed all of the judges with his flair for rock-star fashion.

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Chloe explained to “The 0,000 [you win] only takes you so far, she says.

Jeffrey did return to in a season that boasted a total of three winning designers, including Seth Aaron Henderson and Irina Shabayeva, along with Sebelia.

Most likely, he wasn’t thinking of the lack of sleep or the crazy challenges but instead was tempted by the 0,000 prize money.

#designerfashion #houston #madebyhand #fashiondiaries #design studio #Fashion #madeinamerica #madeinhouston #designer #designerlife #Dao Chloe Dao A post shared by Chloe Dao (@daochloedao) on , he was the resident bad guy.

He made Angela’s mother cry, and he survived a false cheating accusation by Laura Bennett.

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