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I believe (and hope) it will age just as well as the Murray's version which I think aged as well as any Virginia tobacco I've ever smoked.Once properly aged, I think I may actually appreciate this morfed Royal Yacht more than the Murray's version because the taste is not quite as heavy and the casing has been applied a bit more delicately. And I will be interested to hear from those of you who regularly enjoy other Dunhill offerings to get your impressions of the taste change (if any) you have discovered.The tobacco spice upon lighting, and the powerful dose of nicotine will cross the eyes and blurr the vision of newbies!If you enjoy true tobacco taste (the virginia base is excellent) then you will enjoy this powerful blend.It burned quite well and very cool to the bottom of the bowl with only two relights necessary.The flavors were of hay (not in a bad way, I really enjoyed it), slightly sweet raisin and a little leather.It is a big seller at pipe shops around the country, and for good reason. RY is my favorite blend, and the perfect way to start each day.

The leaf could use a bit more aging as it tasted a bit "fresh" to me.The more recent production tins do, unfortunately, contain more water content than the older tins.So, let it dry out a bit before loading and smoking.Although I was always flunking math in high school and college, I do believe that adds up to about 48 tins per year.And it is delicious with just about any drink (save milk, perhaps).

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