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00-01-00 EQUIP'TRANS 00-01-01 PRIVATE 00-01-02 3COM CORPORATION 00-01-03 3COM CORPORATION 00-01-04 DVICO Co., Ltd. 00-01-40 Sendtek Corporation 00-01-41 CABLE PRINT 00-01-42 CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. 00-01-61 Meta Machine Technology 00-01-62 Cygnet Technologies, Inc. 00-01-7B Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG 00-01-7C AG-E Gmb H 00-01-7D Thermo Quest 00-01-7E ADTEK System Science Co., Ltd. 00-01-05 Beckhoff Automation Gmb H 00-01-06 Tews Datentechnik Gmb H 00-01-07 Leiser Gmb H 00-01-08 AVLAB Technology, Inc. 00-01-7F Experience Music Project 00-01-80 AOpen, Inc. 00-01-C5 Simpler Networks 00-01-C6 Quarry Technologies 00-01-C7 CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. 00-00-11 NORMEREL SYSTEMES 00-00-12 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LIMITED 00-00-13 CAMEX 00-00-14 NETRONIX 00-00-15 DATAPOINT CORPORATION 00-00-16 DU PONT PIXEL SYSTEMS . 00-00-1E TELSIST INDUSTRIA ELECTRONICA 00-00-1F Telco Systems, Inc. 00-00-2A TRW - SEDD/INP 00-00-2B CRISP AUTOMATION, INC 00-00-2C AUTOTOTE LIMITED 00-00-2D CHROMATICS INC 00-00-2E SOCIETE EVIRA 00-00-2F TIMEPLEX INC. 00-01-EB C-COM Corporation 00-01-EC Ericsson Group 00-01-ED SETA Corp. 00-02-84 AREVA T&D 00-02-85 Riverstone Networks 00-02-86 Occam Networks 00-02-87 Adapcom 00-02-88 GLOBAL VILLAGE COMMUNICATION 00-02-89 DNE Technologies 00-02-8A Ambit Microsystems Corporation 00-02-8B VDSL Systems OY 00-02-8C Micrel-Synergy Semiconductor 00-02-8D Movita Technologies, Inc.

00-01-86 Uwe Disch 00-01-87 I2SE Gmb H 00-01-88 LXCO Technologies ag 00-01-89 Refraction Technology, Inc. 00-01-A4 Microlink Corporation 00-01-A5 Nextcomm, Inc. 00-01-A6 Scientific-Atlanta Arcodan A/S 00-01-A7 UNEX TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION 00-01-A8 Welltech Computer Co., Ltd. 00-01-B9 SKF Condition Monitoring 00-01-BA IC-Net, Inc.

IT Group 00-02-5A Catena Networks 00-02-5B Cambridge Silicon Radio 00-02-5C SCI Systems (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

00-02-52 Carrier Corporation 00-02-53 Televideo, Inc. 00-02-54 World Gate 00-02-55 IBM Corp 00-02-56 Alpha Processor, Inc. 00-02-58 Flying Packets Communications 00-02-59 Tsann Kuen China (Shanghai)Enterprise Co., Ltd.

00-02-47 Great Dragon Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

00-02-68 Harris Government Communications 00-02-69 Nadatel Co., Ltd 00-02-6A Cocess Telecom Co., Ltd. 00-02-6C Philips CFT 00-02-6D Adept Telecom 00-02-6E Ne Ge N Access, Inc. 00-02-73 Coriolis Networks 00-02-74 Tommy Technologies Corp.

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