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He is an Assistant Professor of Persian Literature, University of California, Berkeley (2000-present) and his research interests deal with modern literature, literary theory and history, Afghanistan and Iran.

Some of his publications are: Anomalous Visions: History and Form in the Modern Literature of Afghanistan (forthcoming); The Barren Sky of Hope: Contemporary Persian Poetry in English Translation (in process); ' Dar har jang, haqiqat nakhostin qorbani ast' in Zarnegar (2003); ' Annemarie Schimmel dargozasht' in Zarnegar (2003); ' After September 11: The Faculty Reflects' in California Monthly (2001); ' Baz-khwanesh-e mafhum-e trazhedi dar Arastu va Nicheh' in Critique & Vision (2000-2001); ' Karavis: az hoqqeh ta haqiqat' in Zarnegar (2001).

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Dr Adelkhah is the author of La revolution sous le voile.

Her publications include: Modern Persian Poets on the Banks of the Neva (1999); The Courtly Life of a Poet: Farrukhi from Sistan (2000); Early Persian Exegesis (2000); Commentary on the Qur'an (An 11th Century Lahore Manuscript) (2001); Persian Classical Poetry (10-11th Centuries CE) (2002); ' A Turkish Prose Version of Firdawsi's Shahnama in the Manuscript Collection of the St.

Petersburg University Library' in Manuscripta Orientalia (1997).

He worked in Iran for several years as the head of the Department of Urban Co-opertatives for the Ministry of Land Reforms.

His publications have appeared in the Journal of Third World Studies, the Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, the Iranian Journal of Culture and Politics, the Journal of East West Studies, and the Asian Economic Review as well as in numerous proceedings and several books Fariba Adelkhah received her MPh (sociology) from the University of Strasbourg and her Ph D from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris (1989).

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