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XS China (ITU Zone CQ Zone 23,24) XTA-XTZ Burkina Faso ...... YK Syria (ITU Zone 39 CQ Zone 20) [lat 34 long 36.5] YLA-YLZ Latvia (Republic of) ...... YM Turkey (ITU Zone 39 CQ Zone 20) YNA-YNZ Nicaragua (Also See H6-H7, HT) ...... XR Chile (ITU Zone 14, 16 CQ Zone 12) XR0X San Felix/San Ambrosio (ITU Zone 12 CQ Zone 12) [lat -26 deg long 80 deg] ...... XR0Z Easter Island (ITU Zone 63 CQ Zone 12) XSA-XSZ China (People's Republic of) (Also See 3H-3U, , VR) ...... YJ Vanuatu (ITU Zone 56 CQ Zone 32) [lat -18 long 168] YKA-YKZ Syrian Arab Republic (Also See 6C) ...... 2x2 calls with prefix YL2 and YL3 1st and 2nd license class individuals ...... 2x3 calls with prefix YL2G and YL3G 3rd 4th license class individuals ...... YL#xx/R and YL#Rxx repeaters YMA-YMZ Turkey (Also See TC) ...... PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG, PH, PI Netherlands (ITU Zone 27 CQ Zone 14) [lat 52.4 long 4.9] PJA-PJZ Netherlands (Kingdom of the)-Netherlands Antilles ...... PJ St Maarten (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) [lat 18 long -63 ...... PJ9 Neth Antilles (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 09) PKA-POZ Indonesia (Republic of) (Also See 7A-7I, 8A-8I, JZ, PP1-Espirito Santo (ES) PP2-Goias (GO) PP5-Santa Catarina (SC) PP6-Sergipe (SE) PP7-Alagoas (AL) PP8-Amazonas (AM) PQ2-Tocantins (TO) PQ8-Amapa (AP) PR7-Paraiba (PB) PR8-Maranhao (MA) PS7-Rio Grande do Norte (RN) PS8-Piaui (PI) PT2-Brasila (DF)-Brazilian Capital-Federal District PT7-Ceara (CE)PT8-Acre (AC) PT9-Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) PV8-Roraima (RR) PW8-Rondonia (RO) PY1-Rio de Janeiro (RJ) PY2-Sao Paulo (SP) PY3-Rio Grande do Sul (RS) PY4-Minas Gerais (MG) PY5-Parana (PR) PY6-Bahia (BA) PY7-Pernambuco (PE) PY8-Para (PA) PY9-Mato Grosso (MT) PY0A-Abrolhos Is. S5 Slovenia (ITU Zone 28 CQ Zone 15) [lat 46.1 long 14.5] S6A-S6Z Singapore (Republic of) (Also See S6 Singapore S7A-S7Z Seychelles (Republic of) ..... VU7 Laccadive Is (ITU Zone 41 CQ Zone 22) [lat 10 long 82} VU7 Andaman & Nicobar Isles (ITU Zone 49 CQ Zone 26) [9.3 long 93] VU Antarctica See Antarctic QSL Page VXA-VYZ Canada (Also See CF-CK, CY-CZ, VA-VG, VO, XJ-XO See VE ...... P5, P6, P7, P8, P9 North Korea (ITU Zone 44 CQ Zone 25) [lat 41.5 long 125] PAA-PIZ Netherlands (Kingdom of the) ...... PJ2 Neth Antilles (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) [lat 12 long -69] ...... PJ7 St Maarten (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) PJ8 St Maarten (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) ...... S2, S3 Bangladesh (ITU Zone 41 CQ Zone 22) [lat 24 long 90.5] S5A-S5Z Slovenia (Republic of) ...... VT, VU, VV, VW India (ITU Zone 41 CQ Zone 22) [lat 23.6 long 80.4] ......

C class calls start with PU and are allowed to operate in Phone mode only in 160m, 80m, 10m, VHF and above. VZ Australia (ITU Zone 55,58,59 CQ Zone 29,30) WAA-WZZ United States of America Also See AA thru AL, N, and K W United States (ITU Zone 6,7,8 CQ Zone 3,4, 5) The first one or two letters identify the country the station is licensed in. Also some of the newer General operators have a 2-by-3 call. OF, OG, OH, OI, OJ Finland (ITU Zone 18 CQ Zone 15) [lat 60.2 long 25] ...... OY Faroe Is (ITU Zone 18 CQ Zone 14) [lat 62 long -7] ...... P4 Aruba (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 09) [lat 12.2 long -69.9] P5A-P9Z Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Also See HM) ...... PJ5 St Maarten (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) PJ6 St Maarten (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) ...... S0 Western Sahara (ITU Zone 37 CQ Zone 33) [lat 24 long -14] S2A-S3Z Bangladesh (People's Republic of) ...... SM3 Gaevleborg-X, Vaesternorrland-Y, Jaemtland-Z ...... VTA-VWZ India (Republic of) (See Also 8T-8Y, AT-AW) ...... OU, OV, OW, OX, OY, OZ Denmark (ITU Zone 18 CQ Zone 14) [lat 55.7 long 12.6] OX Greenland (ITU Zone 5,75 CQ Zone 40) [lat 63 long -52] ...... P36 Cyprus (ITU Zone 39 CQ Zone 20) P4A-P4Z Aruba ...... Ordinary special calls begin with prefix UE (such as the recent special Red Banner Pacific Fleet special event station call sign UE56MM, broadcast from a former Soviet (Navy submarine). Also special calls may have the following alphanumeric designators: 1x2 ("R" figure two letters), 1x3 (such as R1FJL, a special DXpedition call sign designating the location as Franz Josef Land) or 2x1 (such as RW2F, a special contest call of RK2FWA club station from Kaliningradskaya oblast). ST Sudan (ITU Zone 48 CQ Zone 34) [lat 15.5 long 32.5] ...... Yukon (ITU 01 CQ 01) VE9 New Brunswick (ITU Zone 09 CQ Zone 05) VE0 Stations at sea VF Canada VG Canada Australia ITU 55,58,59 CQ 29,30 [lat -30 long 134] VK1 Australia-ACT, Capital Territory ITU 59 CQ 30 VK2 Australia-New So Wales ITU 59 CQ 30 VK3 Australia-Victoria ITU 59 CQ 30 VK4 Australia-Queensland ITU 55 CQ 30 VK5 Australia-South Australia ITU 59 CQ 30 VK6 Australia-Western Australia ITU 58 CQ 29 VK7 Australia-Tasmania ITU 59 CQ 30 VK8 Australia-No Territory ITU 55 CQ 29 VRA-VRZ Now China (ITU Zone 33,42,43,44 CQ Zone 23,24) VR2 Hong Kong (ITU Zone 44 CQ Zone 24) _______________ VR6 Was Pitcairn Is--Now China--See VP6 For new Pitcairn Is Prefix VSA-VSZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ...... They are not assigned to individual operators as their regular callsign. D class calls start with ZZ and they are not allowed to operate in HF. PZ Suriname (ITU Zone 12 CQ Zone 09) [;\lat 6 long -55] ...... A (AA-AL), e.g., AC6V K (KA-KZ), e.g., K6DX, KC6UQH N (NA-NZ), e.g., N6KI W (WA-WZ), e.g., W6AM The number indicates the U. A 2-by-2 call usually belongs to an Advanced or a newer Extra class operator. e.g., KB5MU A 1-by-2 or 2-by-1 call usually belongs to an older Extra class operator. When these sequential callsigns were 'used up', the Extra class operators started receiving 2-by-2 calls starting with the AA block. It is assigned to a special event station for a short period of time.

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