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Another lecture at 6.15pm rounds out the day where subjects discussed include intuitive eating, how best to 'spend' your calories and how to budget your calories against exercise expenditure - a particularly interesting and informative class.The gym is open until 10pm but the only thing many of the guests, including me, are up for at the end of the day is a relaxing soak in the hot tub and an early night.The construction company executive from Ontario, Canada tipped the scales at 400lbs at the start of the year.Determined not to have to buy two plane seats to travel to the Resort, the determined young man set out to follow the Biggest Loser principles at home before finally makingthe trip to the Malibu Resort in April.'I have definitely been inspired by all of the contestants, especially the ones that were closer to my age like Sam, Daris George or Adam Hurtadoi,' Almasan shared.'I see myself in them a little bit, and the things they were going through mentally, emotionally and physically and I saw that if they could do it, I might be able to as well.'I've lost 125lbs since January 2 - and counting,' he added proudly.But it is also to ensure that we are not sunbathing or in our room watching television when we should be working out.

Earlier this week, New York opera singer Olivia Ward was crowned The Biggest Loser of Season 11, having dropped a whopping 129lbs.The resort focuses on four main aspects - nutrition, fitness, education and relaxation, and the incredible staff are supportive of each of these steps every inch of the way.I stayed in a brand new log-style cabin and was given an itinerary when I arrived to let me know where I needed to be at every moment of the day.She transformed herself from an obese 261lbs to a svelte 132lbs, taking home a 0,000 prize on Tuesday night's live show.But the astounding results are not just limited to the lucky few who make it on to the TV show - they are also available to those brave enough to check into the one of the Biggest Loser Resorts.

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