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To de-install everything, you can just delete the folder.

Example #3 — Specialized super-resolution for faces, trained on HD examples of celebrity faces only.

Smart Deblur enables you to potentially salvage images that have been severely blurred by slow shutter speeds or incorrect focus.

The program can automatically detect the type of blur (Motion blur, Gaussian blur, Out of focus...

The quality is significantly higher when narrowing the domain from "photos" in general.

Normally the image quality in the created PDF is fine.

From there you just select the entire image and copy/paste it into your Microsoft Word document.

Let us create a small example to illustrate the problem.

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jpeg image quality improver online dating-64

It can automatically adjust levels brightness and contrast, equalize shadows, remove noise, enhance sharpness and auto-correct gamma...

S10 Red Eyes is an easy-to-use tool to correct the red-eye effect that is often caused when an on-board flash is used with your digital camera.

It offers a circular/elliptical eye selection tool that you can use to mark the...

However, we have observed that when using a Microsoft Office product such as Microsoft Word, the image quality sometimes is very poor.

This issue has been tracked down to a problem related to transparent PNG files.

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