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Second-wave feminists lionized the independent woman who paid her own rent and busted through glass ceilings and ran for Congress. The idea was that women didn't need men, whether those men were their fathers or husbands or boyfriends or presidents.

By contrast, Dunham's new vision of women as lady parts with ballots is infantilizing and regressive.

On the one hand, Orthodox singles are for the most part dating for marriage, and having platonic relationships can often create confusion and sexual tension.

Many women also point out that when men suggest friendship as an alternative to a dating relationship, it is often a code word that signifies a fear of commitment.

Good communication between singles about this issue is essential.

Singles must evaluate their own situation, and determine whether these are the kind of friendships they wish to pursue, and whether they are valuable to their own growth as individuals.

In communities such as Washington Heights and the Upper West Side, where there are a large number of Orthodox singles, getting together with friends of the opposite sex for Shabbat lunches and other activities can offer tremendous support for singles.

Is it healthy for Orthodox Jewish singles to maintain friendships with members of the opposite sex, or is this a recipe for disaster?And there are some Orthodox singles who question whether such relationships are halachically (that is, according to Jewish law) appropriate.On the other hand, many singles share common interests and values with members of the opposite sex, and deeply value the relationships they have with them (as long as there is agreement up front as to what these relationships mean).And it’s not impossible that a man and woman who start out as “just friends” end up deciding to date and eventually get married – it has happened many times before.I don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer to the question of whether platonic relationships are advisable or not for Orthodox singles.

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