Divorced fathers advice on dating

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He mentioned he might have to take on some shitty TV work to make his alimony payments. Desperate for a win, the Dodgers brought in Clayton Kershaw, the Chris Rock of pitching, to make his first relief appearance of the year. Rock is in Denver on an early leg of his Total Blackout tour that will lead to the taping of the first special, in December. Few comedians do a soundcheck, but Rock is a self-described "anal little bitch when I've got to do a gig.He then went into a bit about being in court and realizing he was paying for everyone – his lawyers, her lawyer, the court reporter: "Everyone woke up today and said, ' I'm billing Chris Rock.'" There was more unsure laughter. Kershaw had pitched just two days earlier, and the bar speculated whether he would have his good stuff. "After all that, he still has his fucking fastball." A few months later, Chris Rock headed out on the road for the first time in nine years, openly wondering "if I still have my fastball." He had just signed a two-special, reportedly million deal with Netflix and was adjusting to sharing custody of his girls. Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle can get off the plane and, like, tumble into 30,000 seats and blow everybody off the stage." His Trump prediction came true. Rock looks out at the 5,000-seat theater and tries to remember if he's been here before.

It's 15 minutes until he goes on, and he talks about the old days versus the new days like anyone over 40 tends to do.

At 52, he somehow doesn't look much different from when he played crack-addled Pookie in New Jack City exactly half his life ago.

Still reed-thin, he smiled with perfect teeth – the one cosmetic change from his early days – and paced the claustrophobic stage for a few seconds.

In October in New York, this made the crowd pity him like a sad clown. "Not if it would cure AIDS."The crowd clapped, because Chris Rock is one of the greatest comedians of our lifetime, but they wondered what the hell they had just witnessed.

He quickly returned to his own life, occasionally glancing at some notes he kept on a stool. Rock was at the bar about an hour later watching the Los Angeles Dodgers try to stay alive in the playoffs against the Washington Nationals. I've got to make some money first." Tonight, Rock is riding over to do a soundcheck at Denver's Bellco Theatre with opening comedian Ali Wong and a longtime friend, the writer Nelson George.

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