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A series photos posted to Reddit show the hilarious stickers drivers across the world are willing to stick on their bumpers.

Some make fun of the 'baby on board' stickers, while many joke about other drivers.

That water had been there sometime and smelt (and obviously tasted) utterly putrid.

There was much panic in our room as Jonathan flushed his mouth out with toothpaste, mouthwash – I think he was tempted to try my perfume.

Latest did a final round of radio reporting, bidding farewell to the England team as they made their way home from the World Cup, then it was another flight (8th for me, 14th for Jonathan) and back to Adelaide.

For those of you who doubt my journalistic integrity when it comes to reporting the state of Latest’s attire, I managed to take a sneaky shot of him in transit. The odd thing about England being knocked out of the competition is that a lot of pressure eases from Jonathan’s shoulders.

Once she's tucked under the covers the almost four-year-old lab and pitbull mix can happily sleep.There was a lovely moment when a young Pakistani fan wandered into the restaurant and stopped, open mouthed, at the sight of all his heroes in such close proximity.Of course, such is the way in this modern day, he soon recovered sufficiently to whip his mobile out and started taking selfies, But that Latest has even made it to the microphone at all this morning is something of a miracle.A middle school teacher has taken to Reddit to express his belief that children need to be taught 'digital literacy' in the wake of the Logan Paul scandal which saw the You Tuber film a dead body.The 22-year-old vlogger posted a clip to his channel that saw him discovering a dead body in Japan's Aokigahara Forest, an area known as the site of frequent suicides.

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