Dating the asian way torrent

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The first batch of warning messages have now been received by torrent users and they appear to know a lot about people's online activity.Not only do the emails explain what you've done wrong but contain a swathe of information including IP address, name of file accessed, who owns the copyright and exactly when the file was downloaded.Maybe they will educate some people who did it by mistake or did it just once but for someone like me there is no hope.But at least the campaign is not aggressive.”It's not just Sky that are involve in the scheme with Virgin, BT and Talk Talk all joining forces with Get it Right.

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A similar campaign in the United States only offers torrent site users seven-days to comply.

There are a number of popular non-English torrent sites that exist as well, like 7tor, Ru Tracker, Pirateiro, and Arena BG.

They'll be harder to use for English-only downloaders but could have that one file you're after.

The Pirate Bay and other torrent site users were warned earlier this month that emails would soon be sent out to anyone found to be downloading content illegally.

Now it appears those threats have become very real.

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