Dating and disability issues and insight

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Rachel Wotton is one such sex worker, who works with clients with physical and intellectual disabilities. How do you teach them about all the nuances of sex and sexuality: consent, attraction, pleasure, emotion, consequences? MARINA TADEJ-AKININ: Yeah, thank you, thank you, darl.

Mary Mc Mahon has helped her gay son negotiate porn. This week, To read more of the landmark Senate Report which called for a Royal Commission into disability abuse: ‘Violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability in institutional and residential settings…’ National Disability and Abuse Hotline | 1800 880 052 | 1800RESPECT | National counselling helpline, information and support | 1800 737 732 Sexual Assault Crisis Line | 1800 806 292 Women With Disabilities Australia | au Disability Rights Homepage | Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission | “People with a disability are adults who have rights to make choices about their lives. We can’t be intimate at my house, so it’s a bit of a struggle for us, but we’re getting there.

What is the arrangement you have so you can have sex?

DAVID HECKENDORF: Going, I've taken the step of engaging a sex worker on a regular basis to assist us to have sex. JENNY BROCKIE: And clearly for both of you, I mean Jenny says you're nicer people as a result of that? JENNY BROCKIE: How often do you hire a sex worker now to help you?

KERRY STUBBS, CEO NORTHCOTT: At Northcott we started because we got a lot of questions from our customers about wanting to have both relationships and relationships include sexuality.

So we started thinking about and fill the vibe Sexpo how we could run that, how we could help people and how we could give them the information they needed to make their lives, their intimate lives possible.

DAVID HECKENDORF: Life is very short and we can only ever be assured of having one life, so we really want to enjoy that one life.

But things get in the way and it might slip to fortnightly.Imagine: you’ve been married to your partner for 25 years.You live with them, love them, are sexually attracted to them, but physical intimacy? This is the reality for David and Jenni Heckendorf, who both have profound cerebral palsy that greatly limits their mobility.JENNY BROCKIE: Okay, and you say staff have different attitudes? Is there a sense that people want to know too much? How do you, you know, action, how do you perform, how do you do this and I'm like ‘easy’. DAVID HECKENDORF: We have been married for over 25 years.MARINA TADEJ-AKININ: It varies on the person and how they react to it and how we put it towards them too. How much privacy do the two of you have about your sex life? MARINA TADEJ-AKININ: Everybody senses there's something but they can't describe what it is and then if it's intimate, they're like oh, hell, how do you do it? JENNY BROCKIE: David, you've been married to your wife Jenny for 25 years. DAVID HECKENDORF: Jenni is a wonderful lady, very patient, very kind and insightful. Our marriage is quite different in that we get assistance to get dressed, we get assistance to have a shower, to wash, to shave in the morning, to cook, to eat.

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