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• The shield of Duke is hand printed prominently in gold on each opposite viewing side on the 14" diameter black shade. But aren't they the victims of our cultural decline? After "classes" were over, participants were rewarded, like most good students, with extra- curricular activity: a pregame buffet and a night football game in which Duke beat Northwestern, 31-16. Richardson, who lives in Albany, New York, is no TV addict, though. Arrange- ments by: Conlin-Dodds Travel Journey of the Czars Adventure July9-July23 A unique, exclusive Duke Alumni itinerary featuring three nights in MOSCOW, a six- night cruise on the legendary Volga River from Volograd to Devushkin Island, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk and Kazan, aboard the M/S Alexander Pushkin. Special group prices start at ,198 per person roundtrip from Raleigh- Durham, including special Duke Alumni Bonuses (bar credits, wine and cocktail parties). Arrangements by: Royal Cruise Line Historic Cities & Hill Towns of Italy October 4-17 Join us for a most comprehensive yet lei- surely itinerary that includes three of the world's most historic and unique cities: Rome, the eternal city; Florence, the premier city of the Italian renaissance; and Venice, the gem of the Adriatic and home of the Doges. His aesthetic is based on the idea of rendering truth, not necessar- ily beauty, of suggesting— in series of single, still moments— the larger story behind the picture. '81, a professor at Cornell University since 1981, is on leave during this academic year to conduct research under a fellow- ship from the American Council of Learned Societies. One inquiry landed her a stint working in Kenya's Nairobi National Park after high school graduation. Hanks '49 gained national prominence as the second chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Council on the Arts.

• The traditional pull chain hangs just above the fount for easy ac- cess while denoting the lamp's classic character. Indeed, aren't the many skepticisms and spiritual crises of the great books themselves intimately involved with our present state? "The single most important thing over the weekend was the mock admissions commit- tee session," said Mc Nutt, AAAC coordi- nator for Alumni Affairs, "because it brought home to our leaders just how many factors come into play. 77 is a faculty member in the management and marketing department at UNC- Wilmington. Small Business and Technology Develop- ment Center. This speculator in specialty spuds plans to enter business school to hone adver- tising and marketing skills for bigger projects. Round out this journey to the heart of the Soviet Union in LENIN- GRAD for three nights. D Panama Canal D Germany/Austria LI Scandinavia/Russia □ Western Caribbean □ British Isles □ Italy/France/Greek Isles LD Kenya Air Safari LI Galapagos Islands Lj Cities/Hill Towns of Italy LJ Bermuda LJ Czars Adventure Name Class Address City State Zip Phone (Home) (Office) ever seen, and to observe the culture of Russian people in the countryside as well as the major cities. Arrangements by: Intrav Scandinavian Capitals & Russia July 29-August 12 Sail aboard the Crown Odyssey on an exhilarating 15-day air/sea cruise across the glistening waters of the Norsemen. Our route of travel between these three masterpiece cities will take us into the countryside ... "Photography has too often been seen as a technological discovery that sprang up over a century ago with little connection to the rest of the arts and humanities," Harris says. 76 presented a lecture in May at the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses National Teaching Institute in New Orleans. He will be studying the society and politics among American Indians of the Gulf Coast area between 17. A liability manager analyst in the Funds Management Group, he has been an assistant vice president since 1985. Another, in response to an article in Duke Magazine on the Durham-based Africa News Service, resulted in her current position there as a staff writer. She was considered largely responsible for the achievements of those agencies dur- ing their formative years in the Seventies.

Excellent Value Other solid brass lamps of this size and quality regularly sell in custom brass shops for 5 to 0. He opposes all "interpretations" as inferior to the authentic, direct reading of the classic texts, which apparently is there for anyone to find. He said campaigns have reached a point where political posi- tions are secondary to "charisma" and, in most cases, only the economically elite can run for office because of the time and money it takes to organize a campaign. They may come in thinking that Chaucer is dry reading, but by the time they've gotten to the last of the Canter- bury Tales, they're ready to ride off with the cast of characters. Evans' WPA documen- tary of a Depression-era rural family in Ala- bama, titled Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and co-authored by Tennessee novelist James Agee, is arguably the classic by which all other documentary books are still judged today. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1979, and has been a visiting professor at MIT and at NYU's Courant Insti- tute of Mathematical Sciences. "I didn't think of writers as these mythical figures because there was one living in the house with me and eating breakfast with us. '81 was awarded the doctor of ministry degree by Vanderbilt University in May. Heidi Leifer Rotberg 78 is a psychologist in Vero Beach, Fla., where she lives with her husband, UKE TRAVEL 1988 ELEVEN EXCITING ADVENTURES 'Through travel we learn to know not only our own world, hut ourselves in a new relationship." -Seneca We cordially invite you to travel with us. But it's impossible." As if to compensate, she papers her office in Jeffrey's rumpled artwork. The next day I talked to my editor, Bob Bender, for the first time. Above the din of the tobacco auctioneers, you can hear some voices- rising confidently together, though hardly in harmoni- ous agreement— of the New South.

But as you are able to buy Satisfaction Guaranteed or Return in 30 days for Full Refund. I would humbly suggest that some forms Overleaf— Calm amid the storm over liberal education and its content: Duke divinity professor Thomas Langford. "We have created a basketball game to come up with the best poker player," he said. We need to get reality on to the scene." According to Barber, the public has the right to know everything about a presidential candidate's past to evalu- ate his or her character and ability to run the country. Such are the teach- ing talents of Gibson, an associate professor of English and humani- ties, that she was chosen the 1987 North Caro- lina Professor of the Year by the Council for Advancement and Sup- port of Education. In New Mexico, Evans' photos and Agee's writing began to make sense to Harris in a profound way. It's the landscape Georgia O'Keefe painted with utter fascination for sixty of her ninety-eight years. At Duke, Cocke is a member of the engineering school's Dean's Council and board of visitors. '81 repre- sented Duke in October at Pomona College's Centen- nial Celebration in Claremont, Calif. He never had a day when he didn't sit down and get some- thing done. Bermuda by Land or Sea April 16-23 Explore the beautiful beaches, lively pubs, and exquisite shops on the charmingly Brit- ish resort island of Bermuda. The gallery includes a Christmas tree decorated in Froot Loops and the rudimentary figure of a woman with orange hair and green eyes. I'm convinced that I would find him an absolutely wonderful fellow even if he didn't love my book. Probably no state in the past twenty years has surpassed North Carolina as a homing ground for writers.

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How to Reserve; Satisfaction Guaranteed The Lamp of Duke is available directly by using the reservation form below. Bloom uses historical explanation when it suits him, dumps it when it doesn't. As with the Broadway Bound benefit, the Neil Simon Endowment for Dramatic Arts at Duke will receive all proceeds. Now chairman of Duke's capital campaign, Fleishman himself was moving to North Car olina to build the cur- At left, Robert Coles with a Cambodian boy outside a suburban Virginia apartment complex; above, an Eskimo man hunting Caribou near Ambler, Alaska riculum and faculty for the Institute of Policy Sciences. "He saw something in my photographs that I didn't see. He is an associate with the law firm Shearman and Sterling in New York. She works in the ob/gyn clinic teach- ing prenatal orientation to military expectant parents. "I'd like to work with someone who's a bit older, cover a longer lifespan," she says. "Returning the gifts is the right thing for Duke to do under the circumstances," said President H. As sole stock holder of Greater Sutton Investors Group, Bloom is alleged to have collected a total of million from about 100 clients for stock market investments, but to have used the money instead to buy a Manhattan condo, a house in the Hamptons, European sports cars, and expensive jewelry. "We got a call from some- one, not an investor, who said we should look into the Bloom operation," he told The Chronicle. It's not the pressure to come up with a big scoop, though we do that now and again.

And is there a legitimate lesson for "Bloom comes up with one cause after another, all showing our culture to be in decline. There are no dues and no by- laws, but the 150 alumni in the area have four events a year from which to choose. Brading 74, immediate past president of the Duke Club of Atlanta, the board-of-directors method allows for a repre- sentative point of view and an efficient dis- tribution of duties. Your cruise returns to Tampa, and free round-trip air transportation from your home city is included. Arrangements by: Anspach Travel Wings over Kenya Air Safari March 4-March 19 Stop in LONDON, England. He went to Grenoble, France, in the fall in prepara- tion for missionary work in French-speaking Africa. You can see "The camera can put you in touch with people on a different level. You don't have to know precisely what you're after. "It was involved in the homogenization of culture." As the advertising industry matured in the 1920s, J.

Obviously, this was the right moment." Why has the book's message resonated so powerfully? The club's board has a dozen members, each with a specific task for the year. A relaxing way to visit these areas— on board a beautiful ship with a crew eager to please. Plunkett 79 works for Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics. His work is based on a genuine interest and concern with the people he photographs. For the millions of immigrants in the 1920s, "Advertising told them what a family does or what their living room should look like," O'Barr says.

has no content, that a certain kind of fraud is being perpetrated." Bloom's own version of aca- demic legitimacy is a curriculum that teaches students the unity of the sciences, social sci- ences, and humanities. Caroline Nisbet, who directs Duke Futures, explained the program, which places under- graduates in paying jobs as summer interns. Kerry Piddock-Lester 78 is the associate pastor at Second Ptesbytetian Church in Richmond, Va., where she lives with her husband, Carter Lester 78, a first-year student at Union Theological Semi- nary, and their two daughters. D 78 was elected secretary-treasurer of the 5 ,000-membet Atlanta Bat Association fot the 1987-88 year. An added plus: opportunity to golf at Mahogany Run, St. from Rice University's graduate school of administration in May. Berger's project is unusual in that she chose to document middle-class life; most of her classmates selected communities where poverty is more prevalent. "I had a lot of prejudices about these people that have turned out to be completely false— the complete yuppie stereotype. "The connection of advertising to social and cultural values teaches us about lifestyles.

expect- ing to lose their innocence there," and ap- pear altogether "ignorant and cynical about our political heritage." "It is becoming all too evident," Bloom concludes, "that liberal education... Development Director Gotwals praised the alumni for in- creasing levels of support to the university- support evidenced by dramatic increases in financial contributions and in volunteer activity. He and his wife, Sarah Flynn Mc Adams 79, live in Raleigh. from Wake Forest's Bowman Gray School of Medicine in May, won the Pediatric Merit Award for "exceptional ability and interest in pediatrics and the cate of chil- dren." She is training in pediatrics at N. Lauderdale or Acapulco; round-trip airfare is included from your home city. It's a new, up- scale development geared toward singles in their twenties and thirties. "For the social scientist, the most interest- ing thing about the ads isn't the advertised product," O'Barr says.

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