April 1 jokes online dating Chatroulette czech republic

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We're scouring the web to find all the hoaxes and jokes online so you can double-check whether what you saw is real or a prank.

Some companies have already gotten a head start, like Lyft and Burger King.

Let's just hope the car remembers to let passengers out for bathroom breaks.

Roku Snack Suggest: Streaming box Roku wants to make snack recommendations based on what you watch.

1 — "fooling" some who stuck to the original calendar.

The first day of April is always a difficult 24 hours to navigate if you want to avoid being tripped up by some zany product or service announcement from the likes of Google, Microsoft or, as we've seen today, Uncle Tobys and James Squire.Alamo's Self-vacationing Fleet: Apparently autonomous vehicle technology is a lot more advanced than we thought.This April Fools' initiative from rental car company Alamo heralds the introduction of a fleet of cars that can plan your vacation for you.When done right, April Fool’s jokes can actually help your brand.Delivering a playful, memorable experience that makes your users laugh can help to create a stronger connection with them and to distinguish yourself from competitors.

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