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“At first Emma would invite us over for holidays, yet none of her family would speak to us.

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“Because these stories are so tragic,” Kuczmarski says, “a lot of people don’t share them.” Joshua Coleman, is co-chair of the Council on Contemporary Families who runs a webinar for parents who want to improve relations with their adult children.

The Experience Project hosts a support group for parents of disaffected children.

The stories are heart-wrenching — no matter how old the children, the parents want them back in their lives.

(MORE: The 6 Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Adult Child) Ties That Do Not Bind Unfortunately, when the hurt has been going on for a long time, simply saying “I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

“First you have to recognize what caused the rupture,” Kuczmarksi says, “and you might not like what you find.” Perhaps you, like Kay, crossed a line.

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